Band Info

The Splatter Pattern is a project created by Bill Ryan and Dave Storms after having played in the Kansas City band Broken Arrows for 4 years and during the pandemic times. Our goal was to create music that incorporated our influences and experience from over years of playing and recording but unique in the world of popular music styles today. The music on our release "While We Were Making Plans" was written, recorded, and produced by Bill and Dave. 


Bill Ryan

I’ve been a music-geek for about as long as I can remember, which is probably down in part to AM Radio being so diverse when I was a kid. You could hear just about everything—pop, rock, R&B, novelty tunes—all on one station. For me, it was WHB in Kansas City. I was lucky to get exposed to so much music growing up, and I’m really excited by the prospect of sharing some of our music with you! I’d been playing guitar, off and on, from around age 10, but got serious about it in my mid-teens. “Serious” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”, but I started picking up a few things, and started dabbling with other instruments, too—piano, bass, drums, etc. All while maintaining a steady diet of great music from great artists of all stripes. I guess that background sort of serves as an explanation of the origins of the name, The Splatter Pattern. Dave and I set out to make music that reflected the diversity of styles we both liked, incorporating bits of all of it, while hopefully being authentically “us”. Yeah, there is a “splatter” of styles, but hopefully you can see the “pattern” in it. Thanks for stopping by!

Dave Storms

At an early age I was exposed to music via my dad's Telefunken stereo, mostly big band and crooner styles, but there was always music in the house when I was younger.  Starting at age 13 I began learning and playing drums, cutting my teeth on the music of the day and playing in a 10 piece horn band covering Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago and R&B artists. Soon after, I moved into playing country rock opening for the likes of The Dirt Band and Asleep At The Wheel. Moving into rock and prog rock came next and it was a great stretch that included punk, prog, and rock and opening for the iconic band The Cramps. I took some time off, had a daughter and then returned to playing, mostly cover band rock music. I moved over to original music and was part of several locally successful bands working in the KC area having opportunities opening for some major acts. I worked on learning guitar and keys, wrote and recorded an original music album and received certification in studio production from The Berklee College of Music and ran my own studio for a few years. 

I met Bill while playing in Broken Arrows, a mostly original power pop / Americana style band which lasted for 4 years. After that wound down we and our bass player formed The Splatter Pattern. And then the pandemic hit right when we were booked to play our first couple of shows. Our bass player, John Chevalier left to pursue other interests and so Bill and I set our sights on creating new music, music that would be a reflection of our varied influences but with no set genre. The band name is a descriptor of our musical stylings and influences. We have finished the album, early listeners are very complimentary and with the different styles embedded within the songs, there's a lot to listen to. We hope you like it!